Our company is convinced of the use of liftbags. Due to the low pressure in the bags, the impact to the side of a rolled over truck remains as limited as possible. In many cases lifting bags can lift a truck, independent from other recovery tools, with the cargo remaining in the truck.
Because of the large surface of the bags, the same force can be obtained with less pressure. It’s this REDUCED pressure, which restricts additional damage during recoveries. Regardless if a tower uses only bags, or is combining various other tools, the use of bags to support the side of the truck, ensures that the pressure is as limited as possible, and so the impact of the recovery to a maximum.
Besides the primary advantage of the load staying in the truck, another advantage of bags is TIME, since the man-hours to empty a rolled over truck can be avoided. Additionally the use of bags will increase your CAPACITY. It is not the aim to replace the use of a crane or tow-truck; it merely works supplementary, where your crane/tow-truck can have a different job in the recovery.
In other cases, it can be important that the recovery AREA stays restricted to the minimum, allowing traffic to continue. This can be realized with lift bags, without crane or tow truck blocking the traffic.

Track record:
Over 100 professional towing companies in Europe own a set of SC Inflatables lift bags, the vast majority are using our equipment very frequently.
Our Catchbags were developed in 2004 by us and are used by an even bigger group of recovery specialists, and have been sold as far as Australia.


We hope we can convinced you, that lifting bag systems can be used successfully. We believe we have developed the system to the maximum, and gained the experience. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or questions.